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At Coating System Solutions, we are dedicated to providing building owners a superior alternative to tradition roof repair and replacement. In using Green Technology, we are able to provide our clients with an economic and eco-friendly product and installation while maintaining industry standard warranties. Restoring weathered roofs saves time and money for building owners and tons of waste from entering our landfills. It also helps to protect the investments beneath your roof from potential catastrophic damages by providing a non-intrusive installation. With hundreds of projects in our portfolio, we have the confidence in our performance that our potential clients require. Whether it be a silicone, acrylic or single-ply membrane system, at Coating System Solutions we have the tangible and intangible tools needed to provide you with the solution that best suits your building.

Many roofing contractors will advise a building owner to replace their entire roof in their inspection. At Coating System Solutions, we seek to help our clients to preserve what they currently have. In many cases where an existing roof is beyond repair with the same material, an acrylic or silicone product is the perfect remedy. We have helped our clients to extend the life of their roof by years for a minimal cost when multiple other contractors have only suggested full replacement. Allow us to analyze your roof and see what solutions we can provide for preservation or potentially restoration.

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